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Steel constructions

Lenap Hale Company offers complete solutions in industrial steel building systems based on sandwich panel system. We are capable of designing and delivering any type of steel construction. We are also and official distributor/dealer of Hormann products which guarantees the use of highest quality gates, gate drives and doors

Our offer includes:


  1. Single bay buildings with full wall framework using IPE rolled profiles (span up to 20 m) or plate girders (span over 20 m).

    • low mass construction
    • easy assembly
    • szybki czas realizacji
    • quick realisation
    • versatile use (warehouses, cold stores, mini-malls, display halls)
  2. Single bay buildings as framework with a steel frame transom.

    • low construction mass
    • easy assembly
    • quick realisation
    • high endurance
    • versatile use (warehouses, cold stores, mini-malls, display halls)
    Often designed with overhead cranes.
  3. Multi bay buildings - framework with a lattice truss, plate girder truss or mixed truss.

    In order to adjust to technological, visual, or cost requirements we deliver large projects in multi-span beam system.
    It allows to plan the project in stages which makes the erecting much easier.

  4. Buildings in mixed technology.

    Due to fire safety or technical requirements the walls are built as a reinforced concrete or brick construction with a steel framework roof.
    Such mixed system is often used in sport venues or retailers.
    LENAPHALE has delivered 15 buildings in mixed technology


The surface of the construction is prepared in accordance with Sa2 standard by commercial blast in compliance with PN-ISO 8501-1:1996 which means that all oil, grease, dirt, rust scale and foreign matter are completely removed from the surface and all rust, mill scale and old paint are completely removed by abrasive blasting. Surface grey, metallic
Anticorrosive coating: two-coat chlorinated rubber oxide primer (dry layer thickness 40 microns), double layer chlorinated rubber or polyurethane enamel (dry layer thickness 40 microns). Application in accordance with PN-71/H-97053.


The use of steel frames as load bearing system in steel constructions generates point applied forces descending from the construction towards the ground. In such case an ideal solution is to use spot footing which guarantees proper transfer of the forces to the ground

The size and placement of the footings against the geometric axis of the steel construction depends on the static diagram of the construction as well as on subsurface and groundwater conditions.
Therefore current soil geotechnical conditions is necessary in order to determine the exact size of the foundations (spot footings)

As you can see in the below foundation views there are sleeper beams between the spot footings.
They are necessary for proper mounting of the wall cladding. The BP beams are grounded on the base of the spot footing and are jointed with them

Foundations are usually made with B25 concrete reinforced with AIIIN (RB 500W) steel. The connection between the steel construction and the foundations are done with the use of anchor bolts or chemical anchors

Lenap Hale offers specialised foundations.

Specialised foundations – technological construction work.

Silo, windmill, transformer station foundations:

Technological tanks for pressure or underwater testing, pools:

Retaining walls:

The task of the foundation is to transport the load of the building onto the ground. When the soil is unstable, of low bearing and poor quality or the area is steep and the assembly of a steel construction in a traditional way is difficult or impossible the soil stabilisation may be the only solution
The so-called deep foundation works are required which means placing piles in the soil. Such method allow to erect a building on different soils – even turfs or mud, with high groundwater level.


Through careful planning our company is capable of designing and delivering a perfect industrial floor that will satisfy our customers’ needs. The floor type must be capable of withstanding the anticipated loads
Our industrial floors are 15 cm thick and made of B25 concrete, depending on the estimated load we use appropriate reinforcement for example mixed steel fibres. The surface is hardened and mechanically ground.
The floating is carried out in stages beginning with rubbing in of the hardener, evening out the surface (steel plates are used),closing of the pores and later polishing of the floor using steel paddles. The process is finished with cutting of the expansion joints. Additionally the floor is isolated from the uniform surface with PE foil. The uniform surface is made with 10 cm of lean concrete placed on a sand bed. Depending on the customer needs we suggest additional strip or surface thermal insulation made with FS 20 foamed polystyrene.

Main advantages of concrete floors:

  • durability
  • abrasion resistant
  • impact resistant
  • easy maintenance
  • minimised dust
  • longevity


In our offer you will find a variety of wall and roof cladding.

Balexmetal sandwich panels:

  • high thermal insulation
  • high fire-tightness
  • high durability of anticorrosive coating
  • attractive appearance
  1. 1. Sandwich panel with polyurethane core, wall, roof – self-extinguishing polyurethane with improved strength properties.
    • core size from 75mm to 200mm –class EPS CS(10)80
    • steel S250GD – S280GD
    • polyester coatings PCV, PVDF, zinc, aluzinc
    • diverse colour scheme
  2. Sandwich panel with polyurethane core, wall (two types of joints: visible, hidden) and roof – sandwich panel with a rigid polyurethane foam core, wall PUR or PIR/density: 40(+/-3) kg/m3
    • sandwich panel with a visible joint core thickness from 40mm to 100mm
    • sandwich panel with a hidden joint core thickness from 60mm to 100mm
    • roof panel core thickness from 40mm to 120mm
    • cooling panel core thickness from 120mm to 200 mm
    • stainless steel S250GD – S280GD
    • polyester coatings, PCV, PVDF, zinc, aluzinc
    • diverse colour scheme
  3. Sandwich panel with a mineral wool core (two types of joints: visible, hidden) and roof – sandwich panel with a hard mineral wool core (apparent density 110 kg/m3
    • sandwich panel with a visible joint core thickness from 80mm to 230mm
    • sandwich panel with a hidden joint core thickness from 80mm to 200 mm
    • roof panel core thickness from od 100mm to 160 mm
    • steel S250GD
    • polyester coatings, PCV, PVDF, zinc, aluzinc
    • diverse colour scheme

    Covering colour on customer demand (RAL) (colour gamut-
    Walls and roof are finished with steel flashing.
    Both vertical as well as horizontal assembly of the panels is possible. SOFT type panels are also available.


We provide our customers with a complete water drainage systems – roof gutters and rain water pipes made of coated sheet or polymer in various colours.


Good ventilation is the key to comfortable working or storage conditions. For specialised ventilation we use solutions suggested in the project such as modern mechanical ventilators or heat exchangers. We also offer systems which help natural heat exchange through the use of air grates.


Roof and wall lights are especially important in large scale objects such as warehouses, sport venues, production halls. Recent studies prove that natural top lighting is more effective than artificial lighting. In our projects we have used numerous solutions to provide the best lighting. It is usually carried out with accordance to the project.
Different types of skylights and wall lights:

If required we provide light strips with smoke hatches (fire safety regulations) which in normal conditions serve as additional light source and in case of fire remove smoke and ventilate interiors. Types of smoke hatches:

  • ingle smoke hatch
  • smoke hatch in curved skylights


Lenap Hale company is an official dealer of Hormann - a manufacturer of gates, doors and gate drives renowned worldwide and consider as one of the best in the world. Our top quality doors and gates are mounted in accordance with the project or individual suggestions and needs of our customers.

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